Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy St. Patricks Day Wreath

I have been trying to create a wreath each month for our new house. This can get really expensive and time consuming! However, this St. Patrick's Day wreath was neither. I grabbed some scraps I already had and bought a wreath form with a 40% off coupon and a half off sign and was good to go!
I initially wanted to make it different hues of green, but didn't have enough in my stash. So...I went with a rainbow theme. Good thing I remembered ROYGBIV from way back when! It's a little abstract, but works well enough! It was super easy. I just cut strips of the fabric. No measuring needed. (My favorite kind of project!) and wrapped them around the wreath form. A little hot glue here and there and it was done! I just looped my sign into one of the strips and added a ribbon loop on the back so it would hang.
And because I never blogged my Valentine's stuff, here is a picture of the wreath. I also made a make shift flag. (Evidently, our old one didn't make it through our 43298529875 moves.) I ended up sewing pennies into the bottom to help it stay down a bit, but let's face it flags and Midland wind are not friends. ever. Oh Well!

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