Saturday, December 17, 2011

Owen's Nursery

Can I be honest...boy nurseries are HARD!

Most boy decor sets include football throwing, car driving frogs. or bears. or dogs. get the drift. We aren't really sporty people. or car people. or animal people (except of course for our sweet Izzy). So I spent many a hour thinking, stressing, and bugging everyone I knew about my boy nursery conundrum. Then one day inspiration hit....Ryan. He came up with a music theme. Now we aren't really musical people either, but we really wish we were! Ha! Ryan's grandfather had given him an old trumpet way back when and it served as the jumping off point for our sweet boy's nursery.

As the months went on we scoured every place we could think of to find stuff to fit our music theme. Turns out most music stuff is rock and roll and guitars. Again, not really us. So we turned to my favorite place to shop...junk stores. My own mother had her doubts and was just a bit flabbergasted that we were getting things for a nursery at junk stores. (Yes, I realize she is right and it is a bit crazy, but we cleaned everything and don't plan on letting him use anything as a chew toy.)

We are now 10 days (or less) from meeting our little guy and the nursery is mostly done. We are waiting on the rocker we ordered to come in. (Here's betting it doesn't make it! ) We are really happy with the result. It was such a team effort with lots of friends and family helping us find some really great stuff! Now, all we need it baby! (Oh and that dang rocker!)

Not sure why the paint looks like 5 different colors in the pictures. Also, I now remember why I don't blog anymore. Pretty sure it took my five million years to get these pictures on and they still look crazy. Oh well, I tried.