Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling

Over Spring Break I went on a fun shopping trip with a few friends from my hometown. We went to a really cute store on our (much improved) town square. While there, my friend spotted a really cute pillow. It was a linen material with an old & sign on it. It was super cute, it's price tag wasn't. My friend also mentioned she would love to have her and her husband's initials to go with the & sign. Again, super cute but that price tag x3 REALLY wasn't so cute.

Fast forward a few weeks, and my friend's birthday comes and goes. A lot of important days got missed or downplayed in those weeks right after my mom's diagnosis. (Including my poor,sweet husband's birthday.Of course he was such a sport about it.) A few days after her birthday I needed a distraction, to do something that involved another c-word. Not the one that invaded my life, but the other one I love to do. I needed to create.
I remembered seeing many freezer paper stenciling tutorials all over my favorite blogs. Those tutorials+my cricut+ some linen fabric and stuffing, and I had the three pillows we talked about in the store that day.

I wrapped some ribbon around them to 'wrap' them up and proudly gave them to a sweet friend who has been such a wonderful support during the hardest time of my life.
This is a picture she texted me of them on her bed. I am so glad she liked them!

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