Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I Love: My 'Breast' Friends!

Yes, you read the title right. I love my breast friends. Truly, I do. They are some of my very closest and dearest friends. Let me explain.

After getting married and graduating, we moved to Midland in 2007. We both had wonderful college experiences and did not want to leave San Angelo. But leave we did. That first year was rough. Life after college in a new town is rough and I was a baby . We met people here and there and made a few friendships, but I craved close girlfriends that I could laugh with, cry with, and just do life with. In 2008, we began going to a new COM group at our church. For awhile it was just one of those things you went to twice a month and saw people for a couple of hours. Can I just say its hard to build relationships like that? But eventually a BUNKO group was started and my dear friend, Tiffany (who was practically a stranger at the time) approached all of the girls in our group about joining her in a walk benefiting Breast Cancer.

I will admit I was really reluctant at first. I even went to the meeting telling Ryan I probaly wouldn't do it. I practically knew noone, I didn't have a particular tie to Breast Cancer, and did I mention it was a 60 mile walk, we had to raise $2300 each, and we would sleep in tents?!?! (of course they were pink tents!) I'm not sure what changed my mind that night. Maybe it was listening to how this cancer has so strongly affected Tiffany's family or maybe it was just peer pressure.:) But whatever it was I am so, so grateful I left that night signed up.

Of course, for such a long walk we had to quite a bit of training. We would meet each Saturday and walk. and walk. and walk. and of course we would also talk. and talk. and talk. Over the months these 'strangers' began to be some of my very best friends. They became the people I would call when I had a hard day at school, that I would laugh so hard I would cry with, the exact people I had desired for so long to have in Midland. I look back and know there was no way I would have met and got close to some of them if it wouldn't have been for the calluses we got that year.

Finally, we traveled to Dallas in November of 2009 for the 3day. We were prepared to walk, we even had our pretty pink tutus and matching backpacks ready. But I'm not sure any of us had any idea of what exactly to expect. It was easily one of the best experiences of my life. I have never before been a part of something so big for one cause. As we walked (picture thousands of women- and men too!- in ridiculous pink clothing walking all over DFW), there was such a sense of community spirit. I think we all agreed that the 'cheer stations' were our favorite part. So many people joining together like that truly is a powerful, blow you away type experience.

We went back again this previous year to be a cheering station. We were definately 'Cuckoo for Coconuts' and had a blast being the encouragers for a change.

Currently, we are getting ready for the 2011 walk. This year we are Hooter Heroes! (complete with capes, of course!) We are already fundraising and will begin training walks soon. I look forward to it with so much anticipation and am so, so thankful for the 3Day for bringing me some of my BREAST friends!

**If you would like to contribute to our team, please visit our team website. You can also contact me if you would like to purchase a Hooter Hero T-Shirt!**

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