Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old Window Headboard

I have a slight (ok, major) obsession with old windows (and old doors, and old frames and old books- ok anything old.) I have them all over my house and my poor Nana's garage is stacked with plenty more I just KNOW I'll use someday. (atleast that's what I told Ryan when I bought them).

This obsession began way back in the day when my college roommate's parents were getting new windows. They offered to let me have their old ones. They were huge- 8 pane windows. I had NO idea what to do with them- but I loaded them up and carried them in the back of my car forever. Finally moved them to my parents and then moved them to our first apartment after we graduated and got married.

They just sat on our balcony forever until finally inspiration hit! I decided they could make the perfect headboard for our spare bedroom. The only problem was I needed the glass out. I figured I would just hit them with a hammer a few times and it would be easy. Well, let's just say those things were GREAT storm windows. At the time we lived in an upstairs apartment. I worked on them forever with a sheet down on our balcony. After awhile I called in for backup and Ryan got his first taste of his new wife's crazy habits. (Little did he know that was the tip of the iceberg! Poor guy!) We loaded them up in the back of his truck and worked. and worked. and worked. Finally, we got that silly glass out. (I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy- we kinda were)
The rest really was easy. I just went to Wal-mart and got their old boxes and cut cardboard to the size of the window panes. I hotglued batting and fabric on the cardboard and hotglued them to the window.

After all this time (and moves), it is still my favorite part of our house.

I'm linking to The Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday!

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