Monday, March 14, 2011

Hymn Art: A Tutorial

If you've known me for very long, you've probably gotten this as a gift. These things are so easy to make and inexpensive. They make great gifts for anything!

You will need:
- a hymnal (check out thrift stores)
- a frame
- a piece of scrapbook paper
- brown paint and water
- a paintbrush
- a lighter
- double stick tape or a glue stick

This will literally take you about 20 minutes! Here's how:

1. Pick your favorite hymn. Rip it out and crumble it into a ball. Get a tiny amount of brown paint (obviously my paint squirted way too fast and I got way too much!) Spray some water into your paint to dilute it quite a bit. You want it to be really thin.

2. Get the thinnest part of your paint on your brush and just 'paint' it on the hymn. Let it dry. (And if you made a complete mess with the paint like me, use this time to clean it! Ha!) In the past, I would put tea bags into a bowl of water and let the hymns sit, but I have found the painting method to be much easier and faster.

3. While this is drying, you can cut your scrapbook paper down to the size of your frame. Position the 'pretty people paper' on your scrapbook paper any way you would like and then just trace and cut.
4. After your hymn is dry, you may want to crumple it some more depending on how wrinkled you want it. Next, take your lighter and burn the edges to your liking. This takes a lot of hot air! Luckily, I have plenty of to spare!

5. Lastly, tape or glue your hymn to your scrapbook paper and put it in the frame. Done! Quick, easy gift in less than 20 minutes.
The possibilites with these are endless. This was a simple one that I threw together to fill an empty frame before we had company coming over. In the past, I have added embellishements and pictures. Truly a simple, neat gift!

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