Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Look what we have!

It didn't end up being nearly as bad as they were predicting, but it is 10 in the morning in I am still in my pjs. I will definately regret this later, but for today I am loving it. The only thing that would make it better is if Ryan got to stay home and enjoy it with me. He technically didn't have to go in until 11, but the doctor he is doing his rotation with is short today, so he went ahead and went in. I can't say how proud I am of Ryan and all his hard work during PA school. It's amazing to see how doing something you love makes such a difference. Don't get me wrong- he works crazy long hours and then comes home and writes papers, dictates patients, studies from what he saw during the day, and studies for upcoming tests. But even at his busiest, he seems happier than when he was working as a Chemist in the oilfield. I am so thankful he is getting this opportunity. (and that it is almost over :) Cmon August! )

So, today I plan on:

- not getting out of my warm pajamas (what's the point)

- maybe working on some stuff for school (probably not)

-binging on those 'necessities' I braved the crazies at wal-mart to get yesterday (you know, necessities like hot chocolate and marshmallows)

- work on some projects

- schedule some blogs
-watch Veronica Mars on Netflix (if you haven't watched this show- I'm sorry- all three (sadly, that's all) seasons are instant on Netflix- you will thank me)

I'm also going to try to figure this bad boy out.

I found a really great series I'm going to do.

Oh, and spend some time with this sweet girl!

Ah, bliss.

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