Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Cheap Frugal

When we moved to Lubbock we downsized. This wouldn't be such a huge problem, except for the fact that I have a true love for bringing what some of you might consider trash home. I have a. lot. of. junk. So, going from a 3bdrm house with a garage to a 2bdrm apartment was quite the stretch. My poor Nana has inherited my junk in her garage.

One of my favorite things about the house we lived in was that there was an extra bedroom that I used to host all this junk and my craft stuff. It was my space that I could close the door and hide my mess from Ryan have all to myself. I knew this type of room would not be possible in our apartment, but the apartments we chose have a decent sized laundry room in the back. I had grand plans of this being my craft area. That is until I got all my crap in there and could not walk back there, much less make something. So lately, that has been my quest. One of the things I did was buy a cheapo book shelf from Target that a friend helped me put together. (we don't need no stinkin boys ;) )

Again, I had grand plans to make things super cute back there with some cute tubs or baskets. That is until, I saw their price tags. Then inspiration struck as I was walking down the hall of my school. Luckily, First Grade got new books in boxes that were perfect for my shelf. I quickly began grabbing them from anywhere I saw them. (Pretty sure the janitor thinks I'm a nut job.)

Added some Target clearance wrapping paper and done. They aren't as cute as those pricey tubs, but they do their job and cost me under $5!

More of the craft room (ok it's not big enough to be called a room)...craft area to come!

I linked up to A Thrifty Home's Penny Pinching Party!

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  1. I LOVE this Beth!!! I think it's really smart!! Just think of the crafty stuff you can now buy with the $$ you saved! =)