Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rosette Mirrors

I may not update my blog daily, weekly monthly ok, ever, but I read blogs every single day. One of my favorite things to do when I get home is log in to Google Reader and read through the countless craft blogs I wish I could be as cool as. I star all kinds of wonderful projects I completely plan on doing. In my head these starred projects will look glorious. They will be effortless. I will have all the supplies ready and calling my name. But then, my 15 minutes of Google Reader dream time is up- and dinner needs to be cooked, floors need to swept for the 33rd time today (Thank you Lubbock wind!), 21 Kinder Kids need to be filled to the brim with knowledge, husband needs to be loved, supplies need to be bought, craft room is a mess, and well, I decide to leave the crafting to the pros.

But the truth is, I do love to craft. More than I love to cook, clean, and sweep- that's for sure! So, I'm trying to be better at balancing my time with things I have to do and things I like to do. With that said, UCreate has a monthly create with me challenge. This month was Rosette Frames. Well, I didn't happen to have any frames- so I dug in my stash and found some mirrors I just had. to. have. at my one and only Ikea experience ( I'm pretty sure this experience rated at LEAST in Ry's top five most unpleasant experiences:) ) That was about two years ago- and sadly they still sat untouched, but they were perfect for this project.

I basically just rubbed a light coat of gray craft paint on them because I wanted them to still show the wood grain. Then I followed the tutorial and made the rosettes. They ended up being pretty easy- and addicting.

I'm redoing our laundry/my craft area and these bad boys will go in there. I have several more projects that will be for this area so hopefully I'll post them. You know, someday.

Oh, and look what I got.....

A big girl camera! (Not that I really know what to do with it! Something else for the todo list!)

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