Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love Christmas.....and Shutterfly!

Well, the tree is already up. Presents are being bought and wrapped. Now it's time to pick out Christmas cards. Every year I have gotten our cards from Shutterfly. I had already perused this years options, when I saw wonderful news on my Facebook newsfeed! Shutterfly is giving free cards away to people with blogs. With Ryan still in school, our Christmas budget is pretty tight, so I am so thankful not to have to cut people off of my card list!!

I have a lot of favorites this year! I have been looking into the folding cards.

Option 1

Option 2

In the past, I have gotten the flat photo cards and love that all I have to do is stick them in the envelope!

Option 3

I also really like the flat stationary cards. Especially the square ones.

Option 4

Option 5

So many to choose from!! You can see all of them here.

I love me some Shutterfly. I've used it since college. They always have great deals, promotions, and products.

I have made four photobooks throughout the years. I even made our wedding album and was able to use awesome layouts and get a quality book for a fraction of a photographers price. I even got a photobook for free once! You can check them out here.

They also have other great gift products. Last Christmas we got my Nana one of these calenders and she loved it!

They also have great photo printing services with special prices and deals and you get them really soon.

In case you couldn't already tell- I love Shutterfly, and you should too!

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