Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8- Miracle

Last Wednesday, I had Bunko.

At Bunko, there was a miracle.
Not one miracle, but two miracles.

I got two bunkos and actually won something (ahem, the biggest prize).

I really, really love the prize for two reasons.

1. It is handmade and I love ALL things homemade! (except for those silly crocheted towels that I own 100 of due to getting married)

2. It was already on my 'To Make' list.

I won this fabulous jewelry holder that the hostess had made by her friend.

My jewelry is currently in a complete state of chaos and this beauty got me motivated to do something about it. I made two more pieces to go with it, and have one more in the works.

I made this bulletin board with an old frame that was setting in the garage from on of the million times I hit up the flea market this summer and old bulletin board ( that I used a pocket knife to cut-I am my father's daughter) and some scrap fabric. So it was free, which I love and Ryan really really loves. I'm planning on hanging some jewelry pieces on it as well as some pictures.

I also made this little diddy to hold my rings. When I visited that largest, most wonderful dollar tree on the planet, I found this little shelf. Some paint, paper, and ribbon later it is done!

One thing about it being cold- I spend less money due to not wanting to get out for extra supplies, so I end up using things around the house I already have and that in of itself is a miracle!

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