Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 5- Back to the Land of the Living

Well, thankfully today was a bit more productive.
First- I made dinner. I know Ryan was glad. Poor guy eats a lot of Ramen. We are currently doing E-mealz. If you are on a budget or have trouble coming up with ideas (check and check, for me) E-mealz is an awesome tool. We paid for 6 months of it and now I'm just cycling back through.
Second- I finished my pencil holder thing. No other name, just pencil holder thing. The only thing left is to add my kids numbers on red dot stickers I have at school Please God, let this end our pencil dramas.

Third- I started my kiddos Valentines. When I was rationalizing my absolute desperate need for a Cricut to Ryan about 8 months ago, I pointed out every. little. thing. I could do with it. Cards, tags, decorating, the sky was the limit I told him. Think of the money we will save I told him. I will use it all the time I told him. Well, turns out he has an amazing memory (good for PA school, not so good for me) and remembered this when I was browsing Valentines at paradise Target. "Isn't this why we bought a cricut?" he said. "Oh, why yes it is dear darling detail remembering husband" I said. This much resembled a conversation we had at Hobby Lobby while browsing the cute Christmas tags. All that to say, I used my cricut and some dollar scrapbook paper to start my Valentines. I just knew that thing would come in handy! ;) More on those tomorrow.

Lastly- I made a bed! Not our bed, we are about to get back in it for heavens sake. (I know my mom, who very well may be the only one who reads this blog, just died a little inside) But I did put the clean sheets back on the spare bed and made it! Be proud Mom, be proud.

(No idea why my camera wants to add polka dots to every picture! Time for a new camera? Yes please. Happening in the near future? Probably not. Here's to polka dotted memories.)

Whew- all that work- is it the weekend yet?

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