Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to the Basics

Today was rough. Not like in your face rough, just million things piling up on you with no end in sight kind of rough.

Things at school are crazy busy. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I love that the kids are used to me/my routines and things are just all around smoother. I love that we are on the down hill slide. I hate the never ending testing and paper work. I hate the urgency, stress, and worry of getting some of my kids where they need to be. Did I mention all the paperwork? Needless to say, I had my grumpy pants on all. day. long.

On the home front, I am a planner. I love lists. I love getting things together. I love being ready for what's next. I really have never struggled in making decisions. Like I think I came out of the womb doing this. With all that said, I have no idea what we are doing for Ryan's clinicals. None. Nadda. Nothing.We have made lists, thought about it, talked EVERYONE I know's ear off about it (sorry if you are one of the unlucky ones). All of this and I am no more settled than I was when we started and this REALLY frustrates me.

So between school and thinking about our future every second of the day, I have been one big ball of crabby, not nice, stressed, irritable, pity partying, not fun person. And today was the culmination of all of that blowing up in my face. Needless to say it wasn't my best day ever.

However, lucky for me today was the day that Ryan and I finally decided to sit down and get serious about reading our Bibles together. I decided to start off with something easy and did the proverbs for the day (Ry started with Romans, ha go figure!) In one little proverbs it had over 4 verses about the Lord directing our path, leading us, having the final say etc. etc. etc. Think He's trying to tell me something? It was exactly what I needed to hear. So now I just need to focus on not only asking for guidance, but trusting that he is giong to deliver it. Sounds easy, right?

Now to go along with this new focus, I needed a new journal. Now old on my parents income Beth would have run right out to Target and bought some cute little diddy. But new my husband is in PA school Beth made one out of stuff at the house! Here's what I did. First I cut a regular spiral in half. I learned this trick at some workshop and use it all the time in my classroom. (Note- if cutting your own spiral, check to see if husbands important PA notes are in spiral BEFORE cutting! whoops) This will make it easier to carry with me to church, school, etc. The rest was just a little scrapbook paper and modge podge AND I used my cricut dear!

Here hoping tomorrow is better.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8- Miracle

Last Wednesday, I had Bunko.

At Bunko, there was a miracle.
Not one miracle, but two miracles.

I got two bunkos and actually won something (ahem, the biggest prize).

I really, really love the prize for two reasons.

1. It is handmade and I love ALL things homemade! (except for those silly crocheted towels that I own 100 of due to getting married)

2. It was already on my 'To Make' list.

I won this fabulous jewelry holder that the hostess had made by her friend.

My jewelry is currently in a complete state of chaos and this beauty got me motivated to do something about it. I made two more pieces to go with it, and have one more in the works.

I made this bulletin board with an old frame that was setting in the garage from on of the million times I hit up the flea market this summer and old bulletin board ( that I used a pocket knife to cut-I am my father's daughter) and some scrap fabric. So it was free, which I love and Ryan really really loves. I'm planning on hanging some jewelry pieces on it as well as some pictures.

I also made this little diddy to hold my rings. When I visited that largest, most wonderful dollar tree on the planet, I found this little shelf. Some paint, paper, and ribbon later it is done!

One thing about it being cold- I spend less money due to not wanting to get out for extra supplies, so I end up using things around the house I already have and that in of itself is a miracle!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 7- Sweet Saturday

So, when I said 'daily creating joy' I really meant something like semi regularly when I have time and am not falling asleep before 9 in the chair due to pure exhaustion creating joy. Just to clear the air.

So, I really loved today. Today was full of things I enjoy doing. In November, I had the amazing opportunity to do the Susan G. Komen 3day 60 mile walk for breast cancer. I can definitely say it was a experience I would not trade for the world. It was tons of work both getting ready to walk all those mile and raising the $2300 fundraising goal, but one of the greatest things I've done. Needless to say, my feet don't have such fond memories. But today, we were treated to pedicures by one of the girl's moms. It was a wonderful, wonderful way to start my Saturday. Friends and feet rubbing!

After all that goodness, I spent most of the rest of the day crafting. I went to a friends house to make some fun things for an upcoming shower we are hosting.

When I got home, Ryan took me to a couple thrift junk stores. I don't know what else says true love but taking your crazy wife to sift through things that belong in the garbage and then actually allowing her to bring some of it to your house AFTER she spends money on it. I do love him.

All that junk made me feel like getting some stuff made! First I made these fun wine glasses with glass etching. I also made a gift for a friend who is having a fun winetasting birthday party this week.

I'm gonna save the rest for tomorrow. Unless, you know, I fall asleep in the chair again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 6- Time

Tonight I created some time for this guy

and this girl.Add Image

I love them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 5- Back to the Land of the Living

Well, thankfully today was a bit more productive.
First- I made dinner. I know Ryan was glad. Poor guy eats a lot of Ramen. We are currently doing E-mealz. If you are on a budget or have trouble coming up with ideas (check and check, for me) E-mealz is an awesome tool. We paid for 6 months of it and now I'm just cycling back through.
Second- I finished my pencil holder thing. No other name, just pencil holder thing. The only thing left is to add my kids numbers on red dot stickers I have at school Please God, let this end our pencil dramas.

Third- I started my kiddos Valentines. When I was rationalizing my absolute desperate need for a Cricut to Ryan about 8 months ago, I pointed out every. little. thing. I could do with it. Cards, tags, decorating, the sky was the limit I told him. Think of the money we will save I told him. I will use it all the time I told him. Well, turns out he has an amazing memory (good for PA school, not so good for me) and remembered this when I was browsing Valentines at paradise Target. "Isn't this why we bought a cricut?" he said. "Oh, why yes it is dear darling detail remembering husband" I said. This much resembled a conversation we had at Hobby Lobby while browsing the cute Christmas tags. All that to say, I used my cricut and some dollar scrapbook paper to start my Valentines. I just knew that thing would come in handy! ;) More on those tomorrow.

Lastly- I made a bed! Not our bed, we are about to get back in it for heavens sake. (I know my mom, who very well may be the only one who reads this blog, just died a little inside) But I did put the clean sheets back on the spare bed and made it! Be proud Mom, be proud.

(No idea why my camera wants to add polka dots to every picture! Time for a new camera? Yes please. Happening in the near future? Probably not. Here's to polka dotted memories.)

Whew- all that work- is it the weekend yet?