Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day One- So it begins...

Well, I've had a blog before.

I was lame at it.

I gave up.

However, I continued to read a TON of blogs everyday. Do you have any idea the amazing ideas out there on blogland? I have found touching stories, amazing crafts, wonderful gift ideas, and so much more.

My google reader has more stars than a galaxy. (If you don't know what that means and you read blogs- go to google.com/reader immediately. You. Will. Love. It.)

I have tried out plenty of the ideas. Some have been wonderful, others have been a trainwreck.

But no matter how pretty it was- I enJOYed doing it. That's right- crafting, creating, making, painting, cutting, glueing, staplegunning, sewing- it all brings joy into my life.

So that brings me to my latest attempt at blogging- Creating Joy. I am going to attempt to bring a little more joy to my day to day by creating something EVERYDAY and blogging about it to keep up with my progress. (And so my mommy can see.)

Now to be real I'm still going to have to be responsible for the education of 19 crazies little darlings, cook dinner for my sweet husband, make sure my house isn't a complete tornado and many other things. So, everyday will not be a crafting extravagance, but hopefully this will open my eyes to other ways I create everyday.

So, for today I created....this blog! Turns out making a blog cute was a little challenging for me, but its done and it makes me smile. So day one....done! We'll see what comes up tomorrow!

You can think I'm corny. I'm really ok with that. :)

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