Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4- The Weekend Edition

This was one of the most of the unproductive weekends of my life.

I got next to nothing done.

Everything I touched turned to crap. Seriously.

Projects dragged on forever and turned out lame. However, surely in the last 48 hours I made something.

Let's see what I did make.. (and what I didn't make)

I made plans for a friend's baby showers.
I did not make dinner. not. one. time.

I made a block pencil holder for my classrooms in hopes that my kids will not drive me absolutely insane about their pencils.
I did not make myself finish it tonight just to get a picture for this blog.

I made myself start a workout system after a bilingual student asked if I was pregnant.
I did not make myself do it today. Dedicated, huh.

I made myself (and Ryan) go grocery shopping.
I did not make the bed at all.

I made Ryan go see When In Rome!
I did not actually make him. He actually is just nice like that.

I made myself wear heels to church today.
I did not make it out of bed before 8:30.

I made myself waste too much time on the computer.
I did not make myself pick a facebook celebrity lookalike. Noone wants to admit they may or may not resemble Lindsay Lohan.

I made a decision about where I want to live come August.
I did not make myself promise to stick to that decision.

I made a huge mess trying to be crafty this weekend.
I did not make myself pick it up tonight. Will. Regret. Tomorrow.

I also did not make myself finish this list. Here's hoping this week is more productive.

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