Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2- Budget Cards Holder

So, with Ryan in Physician Assistant school we have to budget. We have been completely blessed to be able to handle his school this far, but with clinicals coming up in August we may or may not be moving. After looking at school districts in all our options our budget is going to get much tighter. much. much. tighter.

With our current budget, we have a bit of a cushion. This cushion has allowed us to be somewhat loose with it. However, if and when we move we will no longer have that cushion so we are going to attempt to track how much we are spending in certain categories.

I am the worlds worst with my check register. Embarrassing, I know. I do keep track online but could definitely be better in this area. So, I figured what better to motivate me that something cute.

All that to say- today I created a holder for the cards we will use to keep track of our spending in categories.

It pulled some scrap fabric I had, sewed it like a wallet, added some velcro and done! Now when I say I 'sewed' I do not mean that I pinned perfectly or sewed straight. I am too lazy busy for that. Tomorrow I'm planning on making the cards to go into them.

I also worked on some curtains for a friend's nursery and for my last trick, I'm off to CREATE some sub plans! ;)

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