Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4- The Weekend Edition

This was one of the most of the unproductive weekends of my life.

I got next to nothing done.

Everything I touched turned to crap. Seriously.

Projects dragged on forever and turned out lame. However, surely in the last 48 hours I made something.

Let's see what I did make.. (and what I didn't make)

I made plans for a friend's baby showers.
I did not make dinner. not. one. time.

I made a block pencil holder for my classrooms in hopes that my kids will not drive me absolutely insane about their pencils.
I did not make myself finish it tonight just to get a picture for this blog.

I made myself start a workout system after a bilingual student asked if I was pregnant.
I did not make myself do it today. Dedicated, huh.

I made myself (and Ryan) go grocery shopping.
I did not make the bed at all.

I made Ryan go see When In Rome!
I did not actually make him. He actually is just nice like that.

I made myself wear heels to church today.
I did not make it out of bed before 8:30.

I made myself waste too much time on the computer.
I did not make myself pick a facebook celebrity lookalike. Noone wants to admit they may or may not resemble Lindsay Lohan.

I made a decision about where I want to live come August.
I did not make myself promise to stick to that decision.

I made a huge mess trying to be crafty this weekend.
I did not make myself pick it up tonight. Will. Regret. Tomorrow.

I also did not make myself finish this list. Here's hoping this week is more productive.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 3- Glass Pebble Magnets

I was all set to make my budget cards. Really needed to make those cards so I can get a nice fresh start come Feb. 1st. However, after a extremely long day of testing at school I forgot to grab the stinkin cards. Go Figure.
So, on down the list I go. This past Saturday my college roomie, Jessica, came for a visit. While wasting time on Saturday we found the biggest Dollar Tree in. the. world. Or at least the biggest one I have ever seen, and I have been living in the same town as it for over a year!! Oh, the wasted time.
I was able to pick up a lot of materials for projects I have been wanting to try. One of these was those glass marble things you put in the bottom of vases and such. I have seen various tutorials turning these bad boys into cute magnets. So, today I created them!

Luckily, I already had everything I needed on hand after just spending one dollar at paradise Dollar Tree. Here's what I used: scraps of paper, glass beads, modge podge, epoxy 300 and some magnets I had left over from some Christmas presents.

I love having gifts ready at the house to give to surprise a friend or take to a last minute birthday get together and these will be perfect! (Can you tell what my love language is?)

Maybe tomorrow I will finally remember those stinkin cards! Finally Friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2- Budget Cards Holder

So, with Ryan in Physician Assistant school we have to budget. We have been completely blessed to be able to handle his school this far, but with clinicals coming up in August we may or may not be moving. After looking at school districts in all our options our budget is going to get much tighter. much. much. tighter.

With our current budget, we have a bit of a cushion. This cushion has allowed us to be somewhat loose with it. However, if and when we move we will no longer have that cushion so we are going to attempt to track how much we are spending in certain categories.

I am the worlds worst with my check register. Embarrassing, I know. I do keep track online but could definitely be better in this area. So, I figured what better to motivate me that something cute.

All that to say- today I created a holder for the cards we will use to keep track of our spending in categories.

It pulled some scrap fabric I had, sewed it like a wallet, added some velcro and done! Now when I say I 'sewed' I do not mean that I pinned perfectly or sewed straight. I am too lazy busy for that. Tomorrow I'm planning on making the cards to go into them.

I also worked on some curtains for a friend's nursery and for my last trick, I'm off to CREATE some sub plans! ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day One- So it begins...

Well, I've had a blog before.

I was lame at it.

I gave up.

However, I continued to read a TON of blogs everyday. Do you have any idea the amazing ideas out there on blogland? I have found touching stories, amazing crafts, wonderful gift ideas, and so much more.

My google reader has more stars than a galaxy. (If you don't know what that means and you read blogs- go to immediately. You. Will. Love. It.)

I have tried out plenty of the ideas. Some have been wonderful, others have been a trainwreck.

But no matter how pretty it was- I enJOYed doing it. That's right- crafting, creating, making, painting, cutting, glueing, staplegunning, sewing- it all brings joy into my life.

So that brings me to my latest attempt at blogging- Creating Joy. I am going to attempt to bring a little more joy to my day to day by creating something EVERYDAY and blogging about it to keep up with my progress. (And so my mommy can see.)

Now to be real I'm still going to have to be responsible for the education of 19 crazies little darlings, cook dinner for my sweet husband, make sure my house isn't a complete tornado and many other things. So, everyday will not be a crafting extravagance, but hopefully this will open my eyes to other ways I create everyday.

So, for today I created....this blog! Turns out making a blog cute was a little challenging for me, but its done and it makes me smile. So day one....done! We'll see what comes up tomorrow!

You can think I'm corny. I'm really ok with that. :)